Exploring how a supermarket stores, sources and sells its fruit and vegetables has many excellent connections to our Kitchen Garden Program. Our Year 3/4 students went on a discovery where they were introduced to an array of rainbow-coloured fruit and vegies. Through sight, sound, touch and smell, they had a sensory experience with familiar, and sometimes unfamiliar produce, learning how and where they grow, the benefits of each and the importance of eating a good variety of fresh fruit and vegies every day. We discovered so many things we didn’t know from our exploration of Woolworths –  fruit and vegies don’t grow the same and they have different seasons, different kinds of seafood and it comes from and how minced meat is made! We even got to go behind the scenes, stepping inside their huge freezer, seeing where and why they crush empty packing boxes and watching the loading dock be unpacked!


I loved the Woolworths tour, it taught us so much information about behind the scenes. I never thought they did so much to give us fresh and juicy food. It was so cool to ask questions I can’t usually ever ask.  – Sam 

The butcher was very kind. I liked watching him make mince, it looked so cool. – Luke 

When we went to the bakery we suddenly felt warmer. When we came, we all got some dough and got to play around with it. We all got to see the huge oven and some things baking in it. – Brayden 

Some bananas had red wax on them. Some bananas have wax on them because they are grown in richer earth. I think they have the red wax on them because they want to show off really. – Hayden 

At the sushi stall we saw a guy make tuna and avocado sushi. He squished the rice on the seaweed then put the tuna and avocado onto the rice, squished it and rolled up. We even got a taste! – Ella 

I’ve never seen oysters – they looked like melted snails in a weird shell. – Oliver