Araleun Leadership Camp recently provided a terrific learning opportunity for our senior students. A fun range of activities kept them on their toes.

During the year, our Year 5 & 6 students have had many opportunities to take on a range of leadership responsibilities that enabled them to develop and apply a variety of skills. This has ranged from formal roles through to Year 5 buddies, Peer Mediators, Sport Shed Monitors as well as other classroom and school responsibilities.

Coupled with this, the Year 6 students have participated in a ‘Leadership Program’ throughout the year.

The purpose of this Leadership Day is for our current Year 6 students to spend a day with their Year 5 Peers completing a number of different activities focusing on different aspects of leadership. The Year 5 students will also have an opportunity to listen to  various Year 6 students who will share their experiences throughout the year in   certain roles, as well as ask questions in relation to various roles. Information about  the application process for various Captains positions will also be explained.