On Monday 5th  November, the Year 5 and 6 students attended a leadership day at Araluen Lutheran Camp. The purpose of this Leadership Day was for our current Year 6 students to spend the day with the Year 5 students completing activities focusing on different aspects of leadership. The Year 5 students had the opportunity to listen to Year 6 students sharing their experiences and responsibilities throughout the year in certain leadership roles and the chance to ask questions in relation to these various roles.

Here are some thoughts from the Year 5 students on the leadership day –

At Araluen, we played blanket volleyball. We had to work as a team to hold onto the 4 corners of the blanket and get the ball over the net. When the ball came back, we had to catch it in the blanket. We had to cooperate and work together to catch the ball. In the river crossing activity, we had to jump from mat to mat without touching the ‘poisonous water.’ If we touched the water, we had to go back to the start. We had to think of a solution and work together to get across the river.   Lola 

I enjoyed Araluen as we had many different activities and the opportunity to play with my friends. I enjoyed playing continuous table tennis as the ping pong balls were bouncing everywhere. We had to work as a team in this activity by hitting easy shots to give the team time to get to the ball and return it. We had lots of fun.       Oliver 

 It was enjoying listening to the Grade 6 speeches because it was interesting to see what each captaincy was like. I liked the sports captain speech because I didn’t know what they did in their role. These speeches answered all my questions.     Julian