There was a buzz in the air as the students stepped off the bus, eager to begin their Yr 4 camp experience. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Shane Jurecky, Principal of Good Shephard Lutheran College. This was going to be home for the next two nights! Yet, this school was different to others. It was a working farm that gave students hands-on experiences dealing with a range of animals – an experience that most ‘city folk’ don’t often get!

After having time to settle into our rooms, the kids prepared themselves for a number of team building games and rotations including feeding chickens, learning about sustainable yabbying, feeding and sheering sheep, learning about alpacas, looking after calves and cows as well as touring a working farm on the back of a good, old fashioned ute! And who can forget roasting marshmallows on the fire!

As well as having the opportunity to learn about how a farm works, students also visited the Junior School Campus of Good Shephard Lutheran College where they met other children. Here they experienced a range of fun activities and even had the opportunity to play various outdoor games with newly developed friendships. Walking up into the Grampians was also a highlight for the children, taking in a spectacular view from up high. The students certainly enjoyed the range of activities on offer and relished the opportunity to develop their friendships as well as establish new ones.