Values and Philosophy


Our Values

St John’s Lutheran School supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian Democracy, including a commitment to: elected Government; the rule of law; equal rights for all before the law; freedom of religion; freedom of speech and association and the values of openness and tolerance.

As a Lutheran School, St John’s Lutheran School endeavours to achieve its Philosophy of Education through the following aims:

  • We will celebrate God’s love and our Lutheran heritage;
  • We believe each individual has their individual gifts and talents; students will be encouraged and supported in developing those gifts;
  • In our curriculum we will endeavour to provide a broad and appropriate range of subjects and promote innovation and excellence in teaching, learning and pastoral care;
  • We strive to operate in partnership with families and the community and prepare students to make a valuable contribution to their local and wider community;
  • Our School aims to provide a student-centred environment in which students feel safe and are encouraged to serve others in their community with confidence;
  • In our holistic approach to students we value equity, diversity, individuality and multiculturalism;
  • We recognise our role as environmental stewards and accept responsibility for promoting sustainable practices.

St John’s Lutheran School acknowledges the use of the following documents in the preparation of its Guiding Principles:

  • Lifelong Qualities for Learners – A vision for learners and learning in Lutheran schools.
  • Six Challenges – Six Mysteries (for LEA by Norm Habel)

St John’s Lutheran School shares its vision with all Australian Lutheran schools. It is a vision based on God’s own self-revelation in the Bible, the inspired word of God and the trustworthy source of all Christian teaching. The school endeavours to set up and maintain a framework of Christian attitudes and relationships which will, by the power of the Holy Spirit, permeate and integrate its entire life and work and thereby help it to grow as a caring community.

The educational philosophy of the School is therefore based on the recognition that God is the giver of all truth and that the skills and attitudes of the students are being developed and used for the glory of God through service to one another. This encourages the development of a Christian worldview that equips students to live an authentic Christian life in the context of Australian society.

This word of God informs all that we do at St John’s Lutheran School. It leads us to embrace a holistic philosophy of education, summarised in the following six principles:

LEARNING CENTRED: we are committed to creating an environment where students have a passion to explore, discover and analyse their world as part of an exciting life journey;

SPIRIT SENSITIVE: we are committed to discerning the personal spirituality of students, listening to their inner search for meaning, and giving space for the work of the Holy Spirit;

PLANET CONSCIOUS: we are committed to living on Earth as our fragile home, aware of a new global consciousness and inter-connectedness;

WITH A CONSCIENCE: we are committed to being active in the school community and alive to the social needs and injustices of our society;

WITH A HEART: we are committed to caring for the inner needs of students in their struggles with social, psychological and emotional challenges;

AND A DUAL HERITAGE: we are committed to celebrating our local Australian roots, our indigenous people and our inclusive international Lutheran connections with passion and pride.