It is the policy of the School that teachers are confessing Christians, in most cases Lutherans, who have completed a training course through Lutheran Teachers College in Adelaide.

All teachers are registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

The staff for 2019 are:

Principal: Ms. Jill Lange-Mohr

Campus Principal: Mrs Sue Ellis

 Years 5 & 6  Mr Stephen Illingworth – Year 6 
Mrs Hannah Macdonell – Year 6
Mrs Laura Chadwick – Year 5
Year 2/3 & 4

Mr Steven Tkaczuk – Year 4

Ms Carrie Veith – Year 4

Mrs Melinda Troeth – Year 2/3

Mrs Anna Burger & Mrs Miriyana Carlini- Year 2/3

Mrs Leeanne Williams – Year 2/3
 Year 1  Mrs Melinda Lyons & Mrs Kate Hill – Year 1
Mrs Janelle Kratzmann – Year 1
Prep  Mrs Samantha Hill
Mrs Margie Foott
3 & 4 Year old Kindergarten Kindergarten Service Leader: Mrs Nicole Fecchio
Teacher: Mrs Raelene Roede
Assistants: Mrs Sue Bayfield, Miss Sarah Perkins, Mrs Wendy Menzel,
Librarian Mrs Lynn Lytzki
Music Mrs Debbie Howard
Art Mrs Robyn Kerdel
French / Design Technology Miss Morven MacGadie
Physical Education Mr David Sell
Reading Recovery Mrs Jeanette Pelchen
French Immersion Program

Miss Malika Ben Mustapha – Kinder & Prep

Miss Florie Gibier – Year 1 – 5

Student Wellbeing Coordinator Mrs Angela McLean
Numeracy Mrs Jeanette Pelchen
LOTE Mrs Martina Sherwin – Year 6

Learning Support Officers

Mrs Lynn Lytzki, Mrs Noelene Findlay, Mrs Geraldine Costa, Mrs Rachel Brady
Business Manager Mr Andrew Dowd
Accountant Mr Michael Illyine
Senior Accounts Officer Mrs Tina Adam
Receptionist: Ms Alison Woollard
Administration Assistants Mrs Catherine Van Zetten
 Marketing / Community Relations Mr Wes Cusworth