School Responsibility

In our care for students we will remember that:

It is our belief that each person has their own unique gifts and talents.  Each person has a valuable contribution to make for the good of all.

Since all people are prone to doing wrong at times, all children will need to be corrected when required and given guidance in the way they should live.  This correction is firm, yet caring with the aim of developing self-discipline and a Gospel centred life

When mistakes are made, consequences must be faced.  However, as our Lord forgives us, forgiveness is also offered to the child.  In spite of wrong doing, God loves all people and each person is still special and offered the forgiveness earned for all by Jesus.

Close co-operation between parents and teachers is vital for good discipline and a Gospel motivated way of life to be achieved.  It is this close co-operation between parents and teachers that constitutes one of the strong points of St John’s Lutheran School.

Parent Responsibilities

It is our belief that a child’s upbringing – academically, spiritually, socially & physically – is primarily the responsibility of the parent/s.  Schools exist to support parents in this important task.  It is only working together as a team that an effective education in all areas can be offered.  To this end it is expected that parents who enrol their children will:

  • Give open support for the ethos of the School
  • Encourage and assist their children in their learning, not just for homework but their whole embrace of school life
  • Seek to ensure that their children comply with the rules of the School, especially behaviour in public, personal grooming and uniform
  • Participate in the life and activities of the School community.


Student Responsibilities

It is our belief that God creates each person with unique gifts and talents. Each person has a valuable contribution to make for the good of all. Ultimately our goal is for each student to realise both their value and the responsibility they must take in their own lives and learning.

However, none of us is perfect, and when mistakes are made consequences must be faced. For students, this correction is firm yet caring, with the aim of developing self-discipline which is intrinsically motivated. An errant student will be given guidance and be reminded of the school rules. Inappropriate actions are dealt with and consequences given, whilst all students are loved and forgiven.

St John’s Lutheran School has established a Code of Conduct as a guide for developing positive behaviours relating to:

  • SAFETY – I will play safely and fairly.
  • RESPECT – I will respect others, the School and myself.
  • SPEAKING – I will speak politely and use appropriate language.
  • LISTENING – I will listen and follow directions.