On Sunday 27th  August, a team of seven students from Years 5/6 represented our School at the ‘Tournament of Minds Competition’ held at Deakin University. The students who participated were Ned (S3), Imani (S3), Rebecca (S2), Luca (S1), Sarah (S2), Lila (S2) and Zach (S3).

‘Tournament of Minds’ is a creative thinking and problem solving program which encourages co-operative learning, experimentation, creative and divergent thinking. Our team of students have spent the past six weeks working towards solving and presenting a chosen challenge which included making props and using multi-media.

The challenge our team chose is the Social Science Challenge: ‘INSPIRE-ational’. The challenge was to select two countries to be placed on an artificial island to live together as one. The team created a presentation based on a typical News Report including ‘live interviews’ which included why they chose their two countries, the challenges that would occur and be overcome, and the successes.

The team have shown amazing enthusiasm, creativity and motivation, and are to be commended for their achievement, as they have worked together every week for six weeks during lunchtimes and some class times. They did a fantastic job presenting their challenge to a panel of judges in which they were praised for using multi-media and carrying out the challenge within the time frame demonstrating excellent organisation skills.

Our students were thrilled to receive second place in the competition with Honours which is a wonderful achievement for them, and our School.

TOM Co-ordinator
Melinda Lyons