Garry Matuschka, who passed away on December 11th  2017, was the founding principal of St John’s Lutheran School in 1962.

On February 6th, 1962, St John’s School opened its doors to 47 pupils, taught by only two teachers, Garry Matuschka and Marcia Lubke. In a school magazine Garry wrote about the values of this new school, values which still resonate today:

“A confidence must be built up over the years, mainly by the work that is done within the walls of the classrooms, that our School can stand shoulder to shoulder academically speaking with the next School, and above all, that we do have something special to offer, an education that is unique in its whole approach to the child…”

 Under his leadership, the School grew quickly and soon did the need for additional staff and classrooms. In those early days, the Parents and Friends Association was first inaugurated and the first school fete was held.

Garry, in his 97th year, was a much respected and loved colleague of many across Lutheran education.