HASS – As part of this term’s HASS topic ‘Staying Alive,’ the Year 2 & 3 students had an introductory session together in the College hall. Students explored different work stations in relation to this topic ranging from mental wellbeing, hygiene, exercise, social scenario situations, food sorting, dental and lifestyle. They also recorded their heart rate and blood pressure. Below are some student reflections form the day:

On Tuesday, we had an incursion that was set on our topic Staying Alive. One of my favourite stations was station number 7. This had social scenarios and you had to talk about what you should do in that situation. Gabriel.

My favourite station was when we had the toothbrush and egg experiment. I really enjoyed that experiment because we got to dip the toothbrush in the water and rub the toothbrush on the egg with coco cola on it. After that the brown egg became white. I was fascinated. Irene 

 On Tuesday, we started our HASS topic Staying Alive. We went around in rotations about how to stay alive. My favourite was the sports circuit. We did lots of different exercises. My favourite was the skipping. Olivia 

Mrs McLean made us choose two things we liked and we had to talk how it or they made us feel. Angelo 

 My favourite station was Miss Perkins station which was number 2. I liked it because it really matched with our topic because it was about exercise and I really enjoyed it. Exercise is good for our health. Isabelle