The importance of outdoor unstructured play

This year at St John’s, we have introduced loose parts nature play activities into outdoor play and we have seen overwhelming benefits from this unstructured play.

We love seeing the creations that the children build with items from the garden and the creative ways they interact with the materials, build social skills and develop resilience.

As a parent, ask yourself – when was the last time your child climbed a tree? With increasing reliance on technology and parental safety concerns, children have never been so separated from the natural world. Research shows that outdoor play can improve children’s health, academic performance, mental well-being, personal and social development, concentration levels and symptoms of ADHD.

Why not turn off the screens these school holidays and take your kids outdoors?

See below for a list of some great outdoor locations around Geelong for independent nature play. Remember that children often love revisiting favourite places, especially if they have a project ‘on the go’.

To read the full document by Barwon Health on Nature Play, please click the following link: