Red Group has been extremely busy over the last few months with many interesting excursions and activities. The end of Term 3, Red Group went on an excursion to Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre. The children painted boomerangs using traditional symbols and spent time learning how to throw them, with many going a good distance! The group went on a nature walk and along the way, pointed out the different plants and what purpose they had in the aboriginal culture. The group were joined by some friendly emus and wallabies who were keen to take part in the nature walk with the children. The children learnt about aboriginal culture through music and movement, mimicking animal movements to music and read an aboriginal story. The day concluded at the Eastern Gardens, enjoying the beautiful gardens and play space.

Red Group also had a tour of Geelong Hospital and learnt all about what happens in a hospital to help break down the idea that hospitals are a scary place. A nurse discussed some procedures for common injuries, like treating a broken arm with a cast. 

Most recently, our Kinder children sat down with their future School buddies for a Teddy Bear’s picnic. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to get to know their buddies before prep orientation and their first day at School. While the prospect of starting school might be nerve-wracking for some, the caring Year 5 buddies are looking forward to supporting them through their first year.