We are almost at the end of Term 3 and the students are very excited about the upcoming concert next Thursday evening. I pray that the holiday break will give students and staff alike a break from the daily intensity and give the opportunity for a few bugs to disappear so we can look forward to healthier and brighter Term 4.

Steve T will continue as Campus Principal in Term Four of this year and his Year 6 class will continue to be well looked after by Leeanne Williams. During Term 4, Steve, Jeanette and I will work closely together to transition the School to its new leadership under Sue Ellis in 2018. This is an exciting opportunity for our school and I look forward to working with Steve and Jeanette next term and then with Sue and the whole team in 2018.

We had a very successful Open Afternoon at the Kindergarten on Tuesday night (September 12th). It was great to chat with prospective parents and also to watch the Kinder staff relate to the children and supporting our Kinder with their presence at this important event. Thanks too to Rebecca Takle, our Community Development Officer for organising this event. It was also a treat for me to meet a couple of alumni whom I taught in Grade 6 a few years ago. We look forward to welcoming them back into the School next year as parents with their children.

Gary Jewson, Principal