A huge thanks to the following helpers who came and helped out at the Bunnings Barbeque on Saturday 22nd September – Phil, Alissia, Melanie, Melissa and Adam, Amanda, Belinda and Hudson, Hannah and Imani, Deb and Isaac and John.  Like a well-oiled machine, we had sausages lined up ready to go!

Also thanks to Melissa C and Melanie G for their hard work in making the barbeque happen.  We were really fortunate to receive generous donations form the Cunningham family (Grandma Shields Bakery, Lorne) and the Sausages from Geelong West Coles.  Their contribution to items for the barbeque meant we walked away raising a profit of $2211.95, which will go towards Parents and Friends Initiatives.

Thank you to everyone that sold Cadbury Chocolates during last term.  Lucille was the lucky recipient of the huge Toblerone bar, and to those families who returned their Seed Creations Orders

Tickets for the Trivia Night on the 18th November are on sale through the School Office or through Eventbrite.