If your Child is to be absent from School, please inform the School Office by 9.30am either by phone 5221 5221, email admin@stjohns.vic.edu.au or by using the SMS service “0418712263”.
Please note this number will only send and receive SMS messages - it will not receive telephone calls.


Report Writing Day - Friday 23rd November

No School, Kindergarten to operate as normal

Parents & Friends News

Parents and Friends AGM - Monday 26th November 7.30pm in the Staffroom.
All welcome - If you would like to be involved in the P&F, please come along, we'd love to meet you.


Primary School News

Update on new uniform for 2019

A small discussion group of parents (Armstrong Creek and St John’s) and staff met on Wednesday 19 September to discuss the proposed uniform concepts for 2019. A small selection of students had the opportunity to view and wear the new concepts, giving their own...

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From the Campus Principal – Week 8

Preparation for the St John’s Concert 2018: ‘The Greatest Show’ is underway. There has been great excitement in the preparation for this year’s event with students singing and dancing their way around the yard. We welcome you all to join us at The Geelong Arena on...

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Tournament of Minds

On Sunday 26 August, a team of seven students from Years 5/6 represented our school at the ‘Tournament of Minds Competition’ held at Deakin University. The students who participated were Alex (S2), Sarah (S2), Brigitte (S3), Ranura (S1), Juliet (S2), Xavier (S2) and...

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Open Library Day Reflection

Today is Open Library Day and there is a buzz of book purchases and stories being shared between children, friends and family. Lia came in to visit exploring the book shop and discovered a book called " I want my Mummy "  by Tracey Corderoy and...

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From the Library

Book Week Dress-Up day was fantastic with so many treasured book characters. The energy was uplifting and the school was buzzing.   We all had so much fun… Thank you to all the parents who made this Dress-Up day so eventful, creating magical characters all...

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