Christian Studies – Christianity in the World

This year the yellow group have been learning about God.  Our focus was initially on creation, his helpers and now Christianity in the world.  Yellow group has been reading and discussing the Bible Story, Jonah and the Whale.  After reading the story we asked the children about the characters in the story, what happened and what was God’s message.  Many of the children offered their ideas, with some answering that Jonah should have listened to God and did as he was asked.

In the following week, the group was asked to put the story into sequence.  Page by page, the children recreated the story using the pictures. The final challenge was to put the story into the correct sequence individually.  The children were able to remember the story and some were even able to remember the number of days Jonah was in the whale for and the name of the city that God asked him to go to.

From this activity, we can measure; the children’s ability to listen at group times, if they have been able to follow the story and remember parts or all of the story.  We give the children opportunities to convey the messages they have picked up from the story, and the connections they have made to their own experiences.

Joanne Sizeland,
Yellow Group Leader