We have been receiving a lot of interest from families about the updated uniform that will be rolled out early 2019.

Gary’s letter in January explained that there will some changes to both the Geelong Lutheran College and St John’s Lutheran School uniforms. The purpose in updating the uniforms across our schools is to align our identity, so that we will be recognised as one school with two campuses. The intent is to minimise costs and improve durability that will ensure families can maximise the lifecycle of each uniform item.

Noone Imagewear are due to present their proposed ‘wardrobe’ to us in the coming weeks. In Term 2, a small committee will meet to discuss the options and provide any feedback.

On the back of feedback already received from our families, the following is a list of proposed uniform changes:


  • Sock colour for girls and boys
  • Sports uniform – shirts, pants, shorts and house shirts
  • Girls shirt
  • Possible change to school jumper
  • Introduction of shorts and pants for girls (optional items)

St John’s

  • Girls summer dress to change to GLC dress
  • Shirts for girls and boys
  • Jumper
  • Sports uniform (further details to come)

There will be no change to the blazer. The College will be funding a ‘pocket-change’ so that families with St John’s blazers may bring these in for a change to the Geelong Lutheran College logo.The changes listed above are most likely but there may be some other minor changes to other items. We are allowing for a very generous transition period, to ensure families can migrate slowly over to the new uniform.

If you would like to be part of the committee that will provide feedback about the new uniform, please contact Rebecca Takle, Community Development Officer – Rebecca.takle@glc.vic.edu.au or 5264 1038.

It is a very exciting time for both of our schools and we look forward to moving into 2019 with a very strong, shared identity.