St John’s Lutheran Kindergarten – Geelong


Our Philosophy

At St John’s Lutheran Kindergarten we are privileged to meet many different and unique children and explore and share with them the wonderful world that God has given to us and invite them to discover who they are in the body of Christ. Using the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia our philosophy is strongly influenced by the Christian Studies Curriculum Framework and various early childhood   developmental theorists. We see children as competent, capable and curious. We treasure the unique nature of each child in the kindergarten and strive to foster an environment that celebrates our differences and rejoices in our togetherness as a unit. Through safe and secure relationships with children and their families we come to know the children in our care well.

Armed with this knowledge we provide an   environment where children are able to laugh, cry, have a go, make mistakes, question, investigate, fail, succeed, be challenged, grow and develop. We aim for children to develop a positive sense of self, recognise themselves as members of a community, develop their independence and communication skills and develop life-long qualities for learning.


What We Offer

St John’s Lutheran School also operates a Kindergarten on-site.  The Kindergarten provides the opportunity for those who would also like an easy transition from Kinder to Primary School to attend St John’s Lutheran School.  We currently offer 600 hours per year, with children attending over 2 days for 2019, in our 4 Year old program. Our 3 Year old program in 2019 will offer one 3 hour session per week.

3 Year Old


8.30am – 12.00pm (Semester 1) till 1pm (Semester 2)
No extended care available.

4 Year Old



Monday and Thursday from 8.30 am – 3.45 pm
Extended Care available: 7.30-8.30 am & 3.45-6 pm

Tuesday and Friday from 8.30 am – 3.45 pm
Extended Care available: 7.30-8.30 am & 3.45-6 pm


Our Goals

  • Respect, accept, value and support each child and family we care for at the Service
  • Provide an environment that nurtures children’s self- esteem and makes families feel welcome
  • Share God’s love given in Christ Jesus with the students and families at the service
  • Promote learning through play in a Christian environment
  • Come to know each child as an individual through regular observation and interaction
  • Base our planning upon these observations and the relevant curriculum frameworks to ensure that children’s needs are being met
  • Assess the learning that occurs and evaluate the program regularly to ensure it is up to date with children’s needs
  • Keep thorough and up to date records on each child’s development
  • Assist children as they transition from home to school
  • Communicate with parents and other agencies to ensure best outcomes for children
  • Pursue excellence in service and education by keeping up to date with current educational trends

Adjusting to new routines

Kindergarten is a new and exciting challenge for our children and adjusting to the new routines can take some time. A long day at work can be exhausting for parents, as can a full day at Kinder. The following article provides an interesting reflection of the child’s day at Kinder and how they might be feeling – read on to learn more, “Dear Mummy, this is how I feel after a day at Kindy.”

St John's Lutheran School and Kindergarten acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.

St John’s Lutheran School and Kindergarten acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.

Education is fostering and developing the whole child – their intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional self.


Kindergarten is the first stage in a continuing education process. The program is planned to help the child adjust to a less sheltered life than that provided in the family. In some cases, kindergarten is the child’s first experience of being away from the family for a length of time. We aim to promote activities which are important in the development of a stable and happy child.


Creative play is vital to the normal development of a young child. Children learn more through play than through any other means, because he/she is personally involved. Play is a means of self expression. A child learns to be creative, constructive and independent. Through play, the child explores, experiments and tests ideas. The child finds out things from others and learns to live with others. It is very rewarding to the staff, too, to see the satisfaction a child gains from having achieved something. Creative play involves experimenting with substances like clay mud, play dough, sand, water, paint and crayons.

Some of a young child’s play in kindergarten is designed specifically to prepare them for skills they will need throughout their school years. Some of the things they learn are: sorting, matching and cutting; number games, songs and finger plays; physical skills such as hopping, skipping, balancing, throwing and climbing.


A means of assisting children to self-manage their behaviour. It differs from traditional ‘behaviour management’ or ‘discipline’ which generally implies that an adult is ‘managing’ children’s behaviour or using punishment to control children. Behaviour guidance applies to all forms of behaviour, not just behaviours labelled as ‘negative’. A caring relationship with an adult, who can provide the learning and emotional support required, is pivotal to dealing with a child’s challenging behaviour. Challenging behaviour is best managed through a collaborative strategy developed between service staff and parents/ guardians. Please see our Interaction with Children Policy.



The Kinder has a parent representative on the St John’s Lutheran School Parents and Friends Committee. The Committee plays a vital role in the life of our School and Kindergarten.