On Thursday 24th  August, Red group participated with the St John’s students for Book Week. The children were encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character.

In the afternoon, Red group watched the Little Red Riding Hood play in the hall which was very engaging, allowing the children to participate by following the prompts when certain characters appeared on stage. It was very entertaining and the cast did an amazing job.

Later that afternoon, the children worked in their learning groups on three activities organised by Year 6 students. They did a wonderful job sharing knowledge about each of the five countries we were investigating as part of Book Week. The older students demonstrated great leadership and it was a fantastic opportunity for our kinder children to form connections with the rest of the school community.

The children were able to learn about the different Indian foods, by smelling and tasting a variety of spices and sauces.  The children then decorated a Chinese dragon and produced their own Brazilian head piece. The children then gathered on the mat to listen to a Japanese story. The children then worked on Japanese writing and colouring whilst listening to some beautiful Japanese instrumental music.

To top off the day, Red group performed “Hello to all the Children of the World” in front of the whole school at the final assembly.  Mrs Bayfield and Mrs Roede were very proud of the children’s performance, showing confidence and joy in their singing.

The theme for Book Week, “Escape to Everywhere” linked brilliantly with Red Group’s investigation of different food from around the world.

At the moment Red Group is investigating New Zealand. Each child was given a nominated country to investigate a recipe for. Each fortnight we move to a new country, complete our passports, learn something about that country and do some cooking.

So far, Red group has travelled to Holland, USA and France. Where will we go to next?