Welcome back to Term 3!

I hope that everyone was able to have a good break from school and enjoy some rest and relaxation with their families…even though there were a few very frosty mornings!

This term will be jam packed with many exciting events. We will begin our rehearsals for our School Concert in Week 2. I happened to mention the word ‘concert’ on the first day of school and it prompted a flurry of excited conversation amongst the students. They are clearly very excited about this big event!

Book week
Lynn Lytzki is well into preparations for Book Week activities to be held later this term. The theme for Book Week 2017 is ‘Escape to Everywhere’. As part of our Book Week celebrations this year we will have 12 students participating in a ‘Battle of the Books’ challenge. They will be competing against students from several other Victorian Lutheran schools. Currently they are busily reading a list of 30 books in preparation for the event.

Kids Matter
There is a magnificent new photo display in the Library, which was created as part of KidsMatter, to include an image of every child from our Kindergarten and School. ‘Every Face has a Place’ is the theme for the display, incorporating themes of inclusion, diversity, belonging, acceptance and respect for each other. Please head into the library to have a look at the posters.

Lifelong Learners
At St John’s we encourage our students and staff to be lifelong learners and during the holidays a number of our staff members, Gary Jewson, Andrew Dowd, Hannah Huf, Margie Foott, Angela McLean and myself, as well as some School Council members, Heather Briggs and Hannah Hedt, attended the Australian Conference on Lutheran Education (ACLE5), in Adelaide. The theme of the conference was People, Planet, Purpose – Reformation Starts with Us! 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. This was a time of significant change in the history of the world and the church, and was where the Lutheran church first began. The conference explored the theme of reformation and the transformation through People (Edu-reformation), Planet (Eco-reformation) and Purpose (Ego-reformation). It was a great time of learning and fellowship and gave staff time to meet and share with colleagues from Lutheran schools around Australia.

This term we have several staff changes. Leeanne Williams will be in S1 for the whole term, Helen Morris in J3 for three weeks and Steve Tkaczuk as Acting Head of School after Week 3.

Walk My Way
At the end of last term we held a Walkathon for our students as a follow up from the ALWS (Australian Lutheran World Service) Awareness day which was held earlier in Term 2. The MAD Hatters, our social justice group, helped to prepare stations along the walk to give our students an idea of what it might be like for refugees around the world. As part of the day we also had Mr Leigh van der Vliet come to speak to all students about work in which he has been involved, in Mannya village, Southern Uganda. We would like to thank Leigh for his wonderful and insightful contribution to the day.
As part of this walkathon project, we asked each class to participate in some tasks at home to raise money towards the Walk My Way project. For every $26 raised, a child in a refugee camp goes to school for a year. I am pleased to announce that St John’s raised over $1600, sending more than 63 children to school. But the news is even better than that… Lutheran schools all around Australia, plus 260 walkers who participated in a 26KM walk, have raised enough money to send over 10,500 children to school. This is such an amazing result! Well done to everyone involved.

“…He has told you what He wants, and this is all it is: to be fair, just, merciful and to walk humbly with you God.” (Micah 6:8)

Jeanette Pelchen
Acting Head of School