Next week will see ‘Book Week’ celebrations take centre stage at GLC St John’s Newtown. Kinder students will celebrate during their sessions on Monday and Tuesday, with all school students participating on Wednesday 14th August. In the lead-up, students were invited to create the spine of a book that empowered them. Parents, can you find your child’s book in the photos and did you expect that would be their choice?

Students are encouraged to dress up as a book character or a non-fiction character who has meaning to them. In class this year, students may have focused on known or famous people, completed a project or written a book character report. This could include characters such as a gold digger from the gold rush days, a farmer from visiting the farm or any character from a story they have read.

This year the theme is “Reading gives me the power to …” which will enhance the meaningful character from a book or unit of study.  Activities for all the school children will be run in small groups from 1.20pm.  At 3pm everyone will meet in the Hall. There will be a presentation by the Library Captains and the School Choir.