Shepherds, angels, cribs, stars….it must be getting close to Christmas!

The Kinder children presented their delightful Christmas Concerts last week. The Brave Bears sharing their wonderful skills on Wednesday evening followed by the Courageous Lions on Thursday evening in the School Hall. There is very little a child dressed in a Christmas costume can do wrong – mixed up lines, actions forgotten, cues missed – none of it matters.  We just love to be reminded of the treasure that came in the form of baby Jesus. Having our Kinder in the heart of our school is a blessing on so many levels. Their presence truly is a present!

The Year 5/6 students’ Market Day was being held on Thursday with great anticipation. This ‘What’s my Business?’ initiative has been an outstanding success from a learning perspective and has demonstrated what wonderful young entrepreneurs we have at St John’s. Of course, the biggest winner are the children being supported through Australian Lutheran World Service to whom all profits are donated. The students raised $2143.00 in total. Each group started with just $20.00

The students recently enjoyed the school ‘Disco’. We could have lit up most of Geelong with the energy that was present within the hall and also in the yard. Once again our fantastic P&F volunteers helped by supplying a free sausage sizzle and water for the students, along with the DJ. The children all enjoyed themselves and it was great to see a hall full of students doing the ‘Chicken Dance’.

If you have not already put your hand up to support our P&F initiatives this year, please do consider how you may be able to help at one of their many functions in 2019. A few hours of help builds a strong community for the benefit of our students.

As the last days of school for 2018 unfold, there are many exciting aspects which the children look forward to. At the same time, an enormous amount of energy, planning, and coordinating is going into 2019. Class groupings, staffing, resourcing, planning and the list goes on. As you pop into your children’s classrooms over the coming days, if you have a spare 15 minutes, please offer it to your child’s teacher. Even helping take things off the windows and walls are of great help. Thank you.

Have a blessed week,