Another busy two weeks have passed with Easter and school holidays rapidly looming. Cross Country, Athletics Day and now swimming are keeping students excited, busy and tired. Like all schools, Term 1 sports activities have significance for district and state involvement for some students. How blessed we are to have such outstanding sporting facilities in our local community. Thanks to all those who have supported the events in such a hands-on manner to ensure the success of each one and to staff who coordinate the days with dedication.

Harmony Day

The concept of valuing culture and tradition in their various forms is always something we seek to engender at St John’s. Harmony Day on Wednesday 21st March, provides another point of reflection and celebration of each student’s heritage. Held nationally, we look forward to our school community members sharing aspects of their culture through music, dance, traditional dress, food, flags, photos and any other way they can. Rather than a day that stands on its own, we integrate the students learning about global connectivity, understanding, appreciation and respect through their library lessons, in class and within the relationships built socially.

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

An opportunity to meet formally with your child’s teacher will be held on either Wednesday 28th March (4.00 – 7.30pm) or Thursday 29th March (8.30am – 2.00pm). We encourage you to bring your children into the interview process, especially Year 3 – 6 students whose input and reflection on their learning and goal setting is valuable. There will be support staff available in the Library to watch school aged children while parents attend meetings if required. Please note the Thursday 29th March is a student free day. Details for bookings will be sent through CareMonkey.

Open Day

One role that I particularly appreciate in my role is sharing St John’s with new families. The significance and challenge in choosing a school has never been lost on me as families look for that special, almost hard to define element that says, ‘This is the right place for your child’. This year we have already welcomed new students and it has been uplifting to see the way our community embraces both the new children and their families. On Saturday 17th March, our Open Day, we look forward to sharing our school with potential new families for 2019 confident that once again, they will be taken in generously to become part of the St John’s fabric.