Last week Prep – Year 2 students participated in a session about FOOD & MOOD.  They learnt about the connection between our food and our emotions and how healthy food helps us to be calm and learn at our best. The children learnt about calming strategies for when they feel sad, angry, worried or silly. There was an opportunity to make a smiley face from a rice cake, cream cheese and vegetables.   All children were encouraged to be food explorers and try new foods and were reminded that they should keep trying new foods as their taste’s change as they grow.  Thanks to the Geelong Football Club for providing this engaging and important session for the students

Parents also had the opportunity to learn from paediatric dietitian Hillary Hoevenaars.  This very informative and challenging session taught us about how our western diet is not meeting our nutritional needs – adults, teenagers and children.  We learnt a lot about how to support our children in this pivotal time of growth but providing them with healthy food options.  At Geelong Lutheran College our wholistic approach to supporting your children to reach their potential includes ongoing conversations about how we feed and fuel our bodies.  We invite all parents to support us in this learning.