Introduction: Hi there, for those of you who don’t know my name is Caitlyn and I am the team leader here at St John’s. I moved to Geelong in April after finishing my bachelor of education P-6. I love the beach and to be outdoors with my two dogs. I have really enjoyed getting to know each of the children that attend after school care and look forward to the exciting adventures we will continue to go on.

Term 3 at Extend OSHC

The first few weeks of term we worked hard on our entries for the kid’s club competition. We were able to allow our imaginations to run wild, as we drew, painted, and even tested out some paper mache.

Each week we have been cooking some delicious goods, some of our favourites being ham and zucchini muffins, honey joys, and much to our surprise chicken and rice patties (which had veggies hidden in them). The children have enjoyed cooking with requests for more of it, and ideas of what goods we can bake next.

We have become scientists as we explore something different each week, from the classic silly putty, to pushing our limits with sour sherbert. Last week we mixed science and art, and created marble paper by mixing shaving cream and food colouring.

Thanks for reading!

From Caitlyn and the Extend Team.



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