19 – 26 August 2017

St John’s Lutheran School will be celebrating Book Week with a very special event to be held on Thursday 24th August featuring this year’s Book Week theme “Escape to Everywhere”.

When the theme was announced, our Librarian Lynn Lytzki’s mind began imagining all of the exciting activities and books that could bring this theme to life. What came to mind was how books and stories transport us to new places and tell the stories from all over the world. The book “A Year Full of Stories” was the focus for building our students learning around Book Week. This beautifully illustrated book of 52 folk tales and legends from across the globe and from various centuries, captures many of the classic stories that we, and our children, grew up with.

In the lead up to Book Week, students have been reading and learning about these stories including “The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg” and “The Frog Prince”. Students have spent time learning about the origins of these stories and how many date back to some of the earliest centuries. Grade 5 and 6 students have written their own folk tales and other students producing artwork from their favourite stories. On the day, students will work through stations connected to five different countries which celebrate aspects from each culture – Germany, Brazil, Japan, India and China.

All parents and friends are warmly invited to attend a presentation from 3pm until 3.20pm on August 24th  featuring Red Group Kinder, Library Captains and the School Choir.

We would also welcome parents and friends to view the rotating activity groups which start in the afternoon from 1.20pm.

Students are asked to dress up for this very special day, in costume as a fairy tale or folk tale character, book character or cultural dress representing their chosen country. A gold coindonation will support the ALWS.

We hope you will come and visit our Library to view the children’s work and participate in Library sessions celebrating Book Week.