House Sports Competition

St John’s Lutheran School introduced 4 Houses in 2001 to coincide with the bi-centennial anniversary of Australia’s Federation. The Houses were named after the ‘Fathers’ of Federation and included Geelong’s own Henry Bournes Higgins. The House names and colours are:

Barton (Blue) – after Sir Edmund Barton, Australia’s first Prime Minister
Deakin (Gold) – after Alfred Deakin, Australia’s second Prime Minister
Parkes (Red) – after Sir Henry Parkes, a prime mover in the push for Federation
Higgins (Green) – after Geelong’s Henry Bourne Higgins, Victorian politician and judge

The Houses compete against each other throughout the year in sporting and academic events such as cross country, athletics, swimming debating and chess .

Senior Students compete against other schools from the district in various sports throughout the year such as:

– Athletics
– Swimming
– Cross-country
– Football
– Netball
– Softball

Physical Education

Throughout the year we encourage children to participate in all aspects of Physical Education. Children are taught basic skills to ensure positive involvement in physical activity and to promote lifelong and healthy activity levels. Children will be involved in learning skills such as: ball handling, kicking, throwing and catching. Individual and team oriented sports aid in the development of the physical and the social.

Children from Years 1 – 6 participate in swimming lessons over a two week intensive swimming program. This program culminates in a swimming sports carnival for Years 3 – 6.

All classes attend the Life Education Van for specific education relating to healthy lifestyles.