Curriculum Overview

Please note that a detailed description of the Curriculum, as shown below, is available by clicking on the links below.

It is School Policy that we follow the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) as set down by the Victorian Education Department and Australian Curriculum.

In addition to this we teach Christian Studies according to the CSCF (Christian Studies Curriculum Framework) as recommended by the Lutheran Church of Australia. All curricula is underpinned and informed by the Lutheran Lifelong Qualities for Learners.

Physical, Personal & Social Learning
Christian Studies LIFE CurriculumDevotions & Worship
Civics and Citizenship

  • Civic knowledge and understanding
  • Community engagement
Health and Physical Education

  • Movement and physical activity
  • Health knowledge and promotion
Interpersonal Development

  • Building social relationships
  • Working in teams
Personal Learning

  • The individual learner
  • Managing personal learning

Discipline-Based Learning


The Arts

  • Creating and making
  • Exploring and responding

  • Reading and viewing AC
  • Writing AC
  • Speaking and listening AC

  • Mathematical Knowledge and Understanding
The Humanities

  • Humanities knowledge and understanding
  • Humanities skills
The Humanities – Economics

  • Economic knowledge and understanding
  • Economic reasoning and interpretation
The Humanities – Geography

  • Geographic knowledge and understanding
  • Geographical skills
The Humanities – HistoryAC

  • Historical Knowledge and Understanding AC
  • Historical Skills AC

  • Communicating in a language other than English
  • Intercultural knowledge and language awareness

Interdisciplinary Learning



  • Listening, viewing and responding
  • Presenting
Design, Creativity and Technology

  • Investigating and designing
  • Producing
  • Analysing and evaluating
Information and Communications Technology

  • ICT for visual thinking
  • ICT for creating
  • ICT for communicating
Thinking Processes

  • Reasoning, processing and inquiry
  • Creativity
  • Reflection, evaluation and metacognition