The smiles beaming on the face of students as they crossed the finish line at the end of their cross-country event indicated a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Children cheered their peers along and hearing the encouragement that they gave one another showed a true sense of community and friendship. Watching the house groups of Parkes, Deakin, Higgins and Barton chant their team slogans suggested a sense of teaming and belonging. The day was a success!

Needless to point out that the smooth running and coordination of our exciting sporting events is a collaborative effort at all levels. It is when we work together as a team that we reap the benefits and our Cross-Country carnival was no exception. We would like to thank everyone who made the day so successful beginning with our students, staff, volunteers and spectators. Your encouragement and support was absolutely amazing. Congratulations to each individual runner for trying so hard and completing your events. Well done to Higgins for winning this year’s carnival and to the Sport Captains for your encouraging and thoughtful words at the end of the event.

Steven Tkaczuk

Sports Coordinator