Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

This year, Red Group have been investigating different cultures and countries through the adventures of the Hungry Caterpillar who is travelling the World. Each child researched a recipe for a nominated country to share in a cook book.

Each fortnight the children imagine they are travelling to a different country. They update their passports, learn about the chosen country and cook recipe’s from the area. So far, Red Group has travelled to Holland, France and America. Next to be investigated is New Zealand.

Learning about the country’s language has been interesting, and it is amazing how quickly the children learn the pronunciation.  Red group has learnt to say “Hello” in nine different languages through a song titled “Hello to all the Children of the world”. Red group will be performing this song at the finale of the Book Week celebrations on Thursday 24th August.

We welcome anyone in our community that can speak another language to visit our kinder and share their knowledge, such as greetings, counting or simple nursery rhymes.

Raelene Roede 
Red Group Team Leader