This week we enjoyed our very first St John’s Art Show. It is hard to describe the wonderful community atmosphere and celebration of creativity and energy expressed in the artworks. Celebrated international advisor on education, Sir Ken Robinson, has said, ‘The trouble is… we too often teach creativity out of children’. Nothing could be further from the truth looking at our fantastic program here at St John’s. Students have an opportunity to explore a range of exciting mediums, delve into the history of cultural art and undertake artist studies while developing their own skills and capabilities. The week began with an Art focus as a group of 32 students spent time at the Archibald exhibition, coordinated by our inspirational Art teacher Mrs Robyn Kerdel. We were also blessed to have our Head of College, Ms Lange-Mohr come along, who was also a specialist Art teacher, so the students were able to develop a deep understanding of the Archibald pieces on display.

Running alongside the event was the ‘St John’s Cinema’ showcasing the movie making skills of the Year 5 and 6 students. Their integrated unit incorporated Christian Studies, Digital Technologies, Drama and English to create short movies based on Bible stories. Thanks to Mrs Leeanne Williams for the coordination and inspiration behind this wonderful program.

While the focus of our Art Show was creativity and community, the ‘gold coin’ for art works along with the silent auction of the ‘Classterpieces’ allowed us to cover hire and set up costs. However, the community’s overwhelming generosity surprised us all and will now be able to purchase a much needed ‘boom microphone’ for future movie making experiences.

Thank you to our dedicated P&F team who work tirelessly on special events such as the Art Show. They are always happy to welcome a few ‘new hands’ to help from time to time without committing to meetings. Please see any P&F member or the front office staff if you are interested in being an ‘on call’ supporter.