Hundreds of our favourite book characters converged on St John’s last Thursday to celebrate Book Week. Our students put in their best efforts to come up with colourful and creative characters to celebrate this special day. In keeping with this year’s theme “Escape to Everywhere”, students took a journey across five different countries to experience all their unique sights, sounds and smells. In China, students made dragon puppets and focused on the Chinese New Year Celebrations. In Japan, we read the story of Sadako and the thousand paper cranes and practiced Chinese calligraphy. Brazil celebrated Carnivale and learned this grand celebration is in preparation for lent and fasting for Easter. We experienced a taste of India, with fragrant spices and delicious naan bread which were very new to many of our students. A very special thank you to Manpreet Sekhon who supplied all of the beautiful spices and food and shared her love of Indian cooking and knowledge with our students.

A group of talented students also performed a pantomime, “Little Red Riding Hood” in German. The day concluded with a performance by the red kinder group, who performed “Hello Children of the World” alongside the library captains who echoed the story in Chinese, Russian and Idabel (Africa). Our choir sang “A Whole New World” and “It’s a Small World After All” and topped off what was already a magnificent day. We really did escape to EVERYWHERE.

Thank you to our Year 6 students who lead these activities and to our parents and friends who helped put this wonderful celebration together.

Where will we go next year?