On Wednesday 23rd  August, we had 12 students represent St John’s at the Battle of the Books at Good News College in Tarneit. The students, from Year 4-6, prepared for the day by reading from a list of 30 books. Their strategy was to ensure that every book from the list was read by at least one of the students in their team of six students.

On the day, the teams competed in written answer rounds and buzzer rounds. They competed against teams from Geelong Lutheran College, Good News College and Good Shepherd College.

Our students had a great day recalling facts about the many books they had read and working as a team to recall the correct answers. Both of our school teams did an amazing job on the day and came 3rd  overall. Congratulations to all the St John’s representatives at the Battle of the Books, and we are so proud of all the time and effort they putting in preparing for the competition.

Well done to Ned, Sarah, Sophia, Mia, Chidiebere, Adele, Savannah, Arthur, Juliet, Leah, Tom and Lily.

Jeanette Pelchen & Lynn Lytzki