On Friday 31st May, the Preps set off on the bus with gumboots, raincoats and beanies, ready for an exciting day at Back Creek Farm. What a fantastic day we all had!

Some of the highlights were:

  • feeding the pigs with the apples and apple skins we picked in the orchard
  • seeing and patting the 4 week old calf
  • digging up potatoes and making and eating potato fritters
  • collecting an egg each from the chicken coop and tasting a vegetable quiche
  • enjoying a milkshake (milk supplied by the local cows
  • doing a walk around the lake to visit the alpacas
  • milling some wheat into flour and enjoying a flour muffin
  • watching the spinning and weaving of wool and making our own plaited friendship bracelet


Yes it was wet and soggy underfoot, but we all had such a great time out in the open air, learning about where our food comes from and how a working farm operates. We all slept very well that night (some even nodded off on the bus on the way home!). Thank you to all the wonderful parents that helped out on the day, it was a sensational day all round.

Samantha Hill and Margie Foott