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St John’s Lutheran Kindergarten Geelong

St John’s Lutheran School also operates a Kindergarten on-site.  The Kindergarten provides the opportunity for those who would also like an easy transition from Kinder to Primary School to attend St John’s Lutheran School.  We currently offer 16 hours per week, with children attending over 3 days.

Red Group: 2017

Tuesday and Thursday from 8.45 am – 3.15 pm Friday afternoon 12.30pm – 3.30pm

Yellow Group: 2017

Monday and Wednesday from 8.45 am – 3.15 pm
Friday morning 8.30am – 11.30am


  • To aid parents in the development of their children, through a close home and Kindergarten relationship
  • To promote learning through play in a Christian environment
  • To provide an opportunity for early training to help the child to cope with life situations at  his/her level of maturity
  • To assist in the gradual adjustment from home to school life
  • To develop creative abilities through materials and experience
  • To broaden the child’s interests
  • To encourage good attitudes (caring for others and for equipment; sharing equipment; taking turns;    listening while others speak; good toilet habits; packing up toys etc.)
  • To encourage an awareness of God’s love through:  simple telling of Bible stories; songs and finger plays; prayers and table grace.

Kindergarten is the first stage in a continuing education process. The program is planned to help the child adjust to a less sheltered life than that provided in the family. In some cases, kindergarten is the child’s first experience of being away from the family for a length of time. We aim to promote activities which are important in the development of a stable and happy child.


Creative play is vital to the normal development of a young child. Children learn more through play than through any other means, because he/she is personally involved. Play is a means of self expression. A child learns to be creative, constructive and independent. Through play, the child explores, experiments and tests ideas. The child finds out things from others and learns to live with others. It is very rewarding to the staff, too, to see the satisfaction a child gains from having achieved something. Creative play involves experimenting with substances like clay mud, play dough, sand, water, paint and crayons.

Some of a young child’s play in kindergarten is designed specifically to prepare them for skills they will need throughout their school years. Some of the things they learn are: sorting, matching and cutting; number games, songs and finger plays; physical skills such as hopping, skipping, balancing, throwing and climbing.

One of the teacher’s goals is that children will develop self-discipline and responsibility for their actions. This is a slow process, requiring many years before it is mastered. The Kindergarten will provide a learning atmosphere in which your child will be able to practise self-control rather than just be obedient to the teacher. The teacher will be very much in control, but your child will be able to make choices and learn about the responsibility and consequences of doing so. A few simple group rules will help your child learn to respect property and the rights of others.
The Kinder has a parent representative on the St John’s Lutheran School Parents and Friends Committee. The Committee plays a vital role in the life of our School and Kindergarten.

St John's Lutheran School and Kindergarten acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.

St John’s Lutheran School and Kindergarten acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.